The worlds fastest 911 system.

Share911 is the fastest way for you to request help or report danger directly with your co-workers, security, 911 operators, and public safety personnel at the same time. Everyone can see exactly where you are inside or outside of the building. And you are notified when you are in immediate danger.

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Purpose-built for serious emergencies that involve more than just one person.

When an active shooter or violent intruder arrives at school or workplace occupied by hundreds or even thousands of people, they need to know how close they are to the danger and we need first responders to be notified and arrive as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what Share911 does.


Notify everyone at the same time.

With Share911 - an employee who sees danger can instantly share their exact location with all of their co-workers, security personnel, 911 operators, and first responders - inclusive of the name and physical address of their workplace, their exact location inside or outside of the building and critical descriptive information, in just seconds.

We’re looking for the earliest possible opportunity to detect a threat, notify the masses and initiate police response as quickly as possible. Share911 does all of that.
— Ramapo-Indian Hills Security Director, Charles Wolff

Improved response time.

With Share911, on site security personnel, local law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs can receive first-hand request for help or reports of danger directly, inclusive of the name and physical address of the workplace, the exact location of the danger, trapped or injured persons and how to locate them. In some cases, using Share911 has reduced response time by law enforcement down to just 30-40 seconds.


First officers on scene in 30 seconds with Share911

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Real-time situational awareness.

As everyone involved in the emergency shares information about what is happening where they are, Share911 filters it all in real-time, showing everyone - co-workers, first responders and 911 operators, exactly where the danger was last seen, where people are trapped or injured. Share911 also helps employees make better, more informed decisions about their safety, by showing them what’s happening nearby.


Reverse 911

Share911 enables law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel to quickly alert employees and building occupants when they are in danger, directing them to take immediate and specific action to get safe and while keeping everyone informed during the incident.