Making schools and workplaces safer for everyone…

Share911 is the emergency collaboration hub that brings co-workers together with all the right information and tools they need to stay safe at work. Launched in 2013, Share911 has transformed how people communicate when an emergency is happening where they work. In thousands of schools and businesses across America, co-workers are empowered to share real-time reports of danger with and request help from the people nearest to them, their co-workers. At the same time, Share911 has provided law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMT's with unprecedented navigation that helps them locate active shooters, intruders, trapped or injured persons as quickly as possible.

We believe that the most powerful tool you can give your employees is the ability to alert their co-workers when they see danger in their workplace. We’ve empowered co-workers to instantly notify each other, in just seconds, from wherever they are, inside or outside of their building.
— Erik D. Endress, CEO

We set out to build a simple solution that could saves lives.

Share911 was purpose-built to be the fastest way for people to share information with their co-workers and first responders when seconds count. During these five years and in thousands of emergencies each month, we have dramatically reduced the time it takes for people to know when they are in danger while increasing response time for first responders.

We let our customers do the talking.