Simply the fastest way to share the location of danger or request help.

Simple, yet powerful. Saving critical time when it matters most.


It starts with high-speed, lateral communication.

Share911 empowers any employee who sees danger to share their exact location with co-workers, security, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT’s and 911 operators at the same time.

Reciprocally, when public safety personnel need to make your employees aware of an emergency situation, they can communicate directly with them, advising them of what action they should take to stay out of harms way or simply share a message.


Real-time situational awareness delivered directly to every first responder.

As security, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT’s arrive on scene, they need the most efficient means to locate the danger, rescue the trapped or treat the injured.

Share911 delivers the location-based reports employees share and integrates them with maps, floor plans and navigational assistance to help first responders where they need to go.


The fastest way to know who is safe.


For employees who are safe during a lockdown or evacuated due to a fire can immediately report that they are safe.


When an employee is missing someone, they can instantly socialize the name and last known location of that person with everyone involved in the incident.

When accounted for, Share911 makes it simple to let everyone know they can stop looking for the person.



In the aftermath of a serious emergency, you may need to relocate employees and, in schools, students, to a recovery location in order for them to be reunified with their loved ones.

This process is can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. The faster you can reunify people, the better the outcome.