The need to manage a serious emergency in a school don’t end when law enforcement mitigates the threat or the fire is put out. It ends when every affected employee and student has been reunified with their family members.

Helping parents know their child is safe and efficiently reunifying them in the aftermath of a critical incident is a massive challenge for school districts.

Districts need to transport employees and students to the recovery area while maintaining the chain of custody, law enforcement personnel need to interview witnesses, employees and students may need crisis counseling or even first aid - all while hundreds or thousands of anxious family members race to and arrive on scene.


what is reunifyme?

ReunifyMe is a platform that enables members of your District Reunification Team (DRT) to be activated, communicate, and maintain the chain of custody for every student and employee. ReunifyMe enables family members to check-in electronically when they arrive, know their loved one is safe and be notified when they are ready to be reunified. With ReunifyMe, we improve the efficiency of the process for districts while reducing anxiety for families.



Step 1

Active your District Reunification Team (DRT) letting them know where they need to go and how many people are involved.

Step 4

Family Members arrive at Reunification Zone and check-in and provide the name of the student(s) or employees they wish to be reunified with.

Step 2

Notify Family Members of where Reunification is happening and share the access code for

Step 5

DRT members authorize Family Members to be reunified and matched with students or employees based on data from SIS and HR records.

Step 3

DRT members process students and employees into the Recovery Zone, where they receive crisis counseling, first aid and meet with police.

Step 6

Runners locate students and employees are ready to be reunified, notify Family Members where to meet and document the reunification process.



A successful reunification requires that everyone involved — district administrators, employees, parents, guardians, and public safety personnel — are all on the same page. With ReunifyMe, everyone is connected in one place with visibility to the information they need, instead of working in a silo.

  • ReunifyMe enables your DRT to be activated electronically instead of calling every team member individually, explaining what is happening and where they need to go over and over.

  • Every family member can check-in at the same time, from their own mobile device, kiosks or be checked in by a DRT member. This process alone can save tremendous amounts of time over manual check-in.

  • DRT members can work behind the scenes to verify and match students and employees with family members instead of flipping through binders of student emergency contact records on paper.

  • DRT leaders can monitor the status of the entire operation in real-time, seeing how many students and employees have arrived at recovery, how many are ready to be reunified and how many have been reunified.

  • DRT leaders can communicate with team members electronically, keeping them informed of progress and sharing important updates.

  • When your reunification is complete, after-action reports are available electronically and in print.

  • Your DRT can easily conduct table-top and full-scale training events on ReunifyMe to familiarize themselves with the entire process and practice.